Istanbul, Turkey - March 25, 2011: A can of Coca Cola isolated on white background.
The Scientific Reason Why Diet Coke Cans Float But Regular Coke Sinks
By Angel Albring
Regular Coke’s sugar content makes it denser than water, causing it to sink, while Diet Coke's artificial sweeteners create a less dense liquid, enabling it to float.
You can test this with any soda brand — just drop unopened cans of diet and regular soda into a large sink or bucket filled with water and record the outcome.
Sugar content affects calories and shelf life, with regular Coke having 140 calories and a nine-month shelf life, while diet soda has few calories but a three-month shelf life.
Although carbonated beverages don’t necessarily spoil, they lose carbonation and taste beyond their expiration dates, so consume them by then for the best quality and taste.