Different colored eggs in cartons and a bowl
The Scientific Reason We Love Putting Eggs In So Many Recipes
By Crystal Antonace
Eggs are a breakfast staple, but many don’t realize how prominent eggs are in countless recipes; not only do eggs play a vital part in our favorite baked goods, but they’re also essential ingredients in pasta, mayonnaise, meatballs, and certain frosting recipes. As it turns out, there’s actually some science behind our love of this protein-rich food.
In a video for Wired, Chef J. Kenji López-Alt suggests that the reason we add eggs to so many foods has to do with how nutrient-dense they are. One egg contains less than 100 calories, 6 grams of protein, and more than 5 essential amino acids, so eggs basically house all the nutrients our bodies need in one small, spherical package.
We might reach for eggs more because they keep us fuller for longer periods of time, and indulging in one or two eggs a day won't offset your blood sugar since eggs contain few carbohydrates. The next time you want to add an egg to your meal, know that your body is making a smart choice with this delicious, nutritious food.