Raspberry pie isolated on white background
The Salt Trick That Will Help Keep Your Pie Crust From Getting Soggy
By Brianna Corley
There are a few secrets to creating the perfect pie crust, but even the flakiest crust can become soggy in the fridge. However, there is an easy way to stop your delightful pie from turning less-than-tasty while staying crisp.
While it’s not used for baking, Epsom salt can help keep your pie flaky, so instead of adding it to the pastry, start by placing it in a lined pan at 400 degrees and stirring in 15-minute durations for 75 minutes. When it’s ready, put it in a sealed container and set your dessert platter on top of it.
Although it may seem like keeping a pie on top of a container to keep it dry wouldn’t be effective, baked Epsom salt acts as a desiccant, meaning it is able to draw moisture toward it naturally. Still, the hack isn't a miracle cure that will keep your pie oven-fresh, but it will ensure your dessert won't collapse.