Kitchen skylight in Gloucestershire country estate home
The Ridiculously Simple Kitchen Tool You've Been Sleeping On
By Melissa Campana
With all the modern kitchen gadgets at your disposal, there is one tool that you might have yet to think about keeping in stock. This simple kitchen tool is so helpful that you’d want to get your hands on it as soon as possible, and even though it's not sexy, cool, or remotely pleasing to the eye, it’s going to be your new best bud.
You will quickly fall in love with having a simple plastic squeeze bottle in your kitchen. Whether you’d like to avoid accidentally glugging a gallon of extra-virgin olive oil into the pan or you’re making a precision-perfect emulsion, a squeeze bottle will make your job 10 times easier.
You can also fill the squeeze bottle with colorful sauces and draw pretty designs on the edges of the serving plates to give your dishes an aesthetic design. Another great kitchen hack is to keep a squeeze bottle of simple syrup in the fridge for easy-to-make cocktails.