Scrambled eggs in a skillet with parsley on a white marble background
The Ridiculously Decadent Ingredient Gordon Ramsay Puts In Scrambled Eggs
By Stacie Adams
Practically anyone can quickly prepare a delicious batch of scrambled eggs using straightforward methods and a minimal amount of ingredients. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean there aren't many methods to improve scrambled eggs, and Gordon Ramsay uses a specific high-end product to improve the flavor profile.
Ramsay always assists home cooks in enhancing simple recipes, such as scrambled eggs, for which he warns chefs against whisking raw eggs or seasoning before cooking. To enhance the taste, his secret ingredient is sea urchin tongue — the reproductive organ of the aquatic species known as uni — which is put in the egg mixture.
The famous chef recommends adding one sea urchin tongue to the scrambled eggs near the end of the cooking process and suggests placing one tongue on each plate before layering eggs over them. Additional ingredients in his recipe include seasonings, chives, and crème fraiche, as well as white truffle shavings.