SELMA, TX - JUNE 11:  A general view of atmosphere at Wendy's before Eva Longoria  Parker kicks off their third annual "Father's Day Frosty Weekend" (June 20-21) which benefits the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption at Wendy's on June 11, 2009 in Selma, Texas.  (Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Wendy's)
The Requirements Wendy's Founder Had For The Original Frosty
By Ashley Reut
Wendy's has been a staple in fast food since its inception in 1969, with its offerings of square burger patties, pick-up windows, and Frostys. Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas set strict standards for all the food, including the Frosty, as his dream became reality.
The Frosty was one of just five items on the original Wendy's menu, and the idea for the treat was pitched to Thomas by Fred Kappus. Kappus was inspired by ice cream at a local racetrack, which featured a slightly malted treat that mixed chocolate and vanilla ice cream in a secret ratio.
According to a 2006 press release by former executive Ian Rowden, "Dave [Thomas] wanted a dessert on the menu that was so thick you had to eat it with a spoon." The desire for something between a milkshake and a dish of soft serve paid off, and today, the Frosty is still thick and sweet just as it always has been.