Chicken nuggets breaded home made mayonnaise, Italy, Europe. (Photo by: Roberta Corradin/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
The Record For Most Chicken Nuggets Eaten In A Minute Is Incredible
By Margaret McCormick
Chicken nuggets are, at this point, a classic, and we eat billions of them each year. While you might think you hold the record for the most crunchy-salty chicken nuggets consumed in one minute, the real record for speed-eating chicken nuggets belongs to a competitive eater from the United Kingdom (per Guinness World Records).
Leah Shutkever pushed 19 chicken nuggets down the hatch as the clock buzzed 60 seconds, in Milan, Italy, for "Lo Show Dei Record," a Guinness World Records TV program. In terms of weight, Shutkever fed herself 352 grams of nuggets, taking the occasional sip of water, which is the equivalent of 12.42 ounces, or around 3/4 of a pound.
When it was over, Shutkever expressed disappointment that she didn't get to all the nuggets; there was still one left in the bowl. Shutkever is a serial speed eater with multiple titles, including the quickest time to eat three pickled eggs and most marshmallows consumed in 60 seconds with no hands.