BIRMINGHAM, AL - JULY 05:  Waffle House Restaurant signage in Birmingham, Alabama on July 5, 2018.  (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)
The Recently Viral Waffle House Waffle Sandwich Costs A Pretty Penny
By Brianna Corley
Although Waffle House has gone viral for the WWE-level growls that tend to break out in its locations, they’ve been trending on TikTok for a non-fight and all-food-related reason. First posted by user shantellxoxo, the Waffle House waffle sandwich is a breakfast food monster of a meal hack.
According to a video posted by OP, this viral eat is essentially a Texas bacon cheesesteak melt sandwiched between two waffles instead of Texas toast. Foodies can also customize the waffle sandwich with their choice of extra add-ins, but employees dread making this dish that will cost more than anything on their under-$15 menu.
TikToker and Waffle House employee kaylawayla522 confidently reports that you may have to spend a whopping $30 to get this off-menu item to-go — even if you choose to sit down, you could still be paying up to $20 for your meal. However, the cost will ultimately depend on the meat you choose to go with it, as one TikToker tried the trend with the original Texas melt, which includes sausage, eggs, and cheese for $17.