Woman's hand programming an air fryer on a table with french fries and vegetables. Healthy food concept
The Reason You Should Never Put Cheese In The
Air Fryer
By Angel Albring
Air fryers are one of the most popular kitchen gadgets and for good reason: They are versatile, easy to use and to clean up, quick to cook food, and energy efficient. You can cook almost anything in an air fryer, but there are some foods that you won’t want to put in one.
Avoid cooking foods in your air fryer that have a wet batter like pancakes and French toast, since the batter will drip through the basket and burn at the bottom of the gadget. Putting cheese in an air fryer can also be very messy and something you’ll probably want to avoid.
This opinion is contested, though, so you can judge for yourself. Air Fryer World claims you can make a grilled cheese sandwich in the air fryer by securing the two slices of bread together with a toothpick at 350 degrees for four minutes — all without an impossible-to-clean mess.