close up photo of a spoon picking up macaroni and cheese
The Reason You Should Add
Sour Cream
To Macaroni
And Cheese
By Elizabeth Pak
Macaroni and cheese is quick and affordable to make, and it’s perfect for anyone looking to make a delicious dinner. However, not all mac and cheese dishes are created equal, and there’s one unlikely addition you should try if you want to give your next batch a surprisingly tasty upgrade: sour cream.
Sour cream is the perfect ingredient to substitute for milk when making mac and cheese, giving it a rich and creamy flavor without sacrificing texture. It’s easy to add in, and you can adjust it to your liking — add extra sour cream for more creaminess, and counter with extra cheese for more cheesiness.
The result will be unlike its boxed counterpart, which often lacks the creaminess homemade versions do since there's a packet of dry ingredients mixed with butter and liquid. By adding sour cream, you can easily bring in the saucy texture you're looking for without needing to make any significant upgrades.