The entrance of a Costco wholesale.
The Reason You May Want To Avoid The Realgood Brand At Costco
By Stacie Adams
Realgood is one of many Costco private-label brands, but unfortunately, its products have come under constant scrutiny by unimpressed Redditors.
Realgood's chicken grande enchiladas with tomatillo sauce were called "Bland and just salty" by a Redditor, while another called it a "Rubbery tortilla sitting in a pool of water."
Realgood's breaded chicken strips also received poor reviews, with comments ranging from "flavorless and dry" and "I wouldn't recommend these even if on sale."
Some commenters noted that Realgood products are intended for low-carb and ketogenic diets, which could explain why they're not as flavorful as other frozen foods found at Costco.
According to the Realgood Foods Co. website, the brand creates food that is "High in protein, grain-free and always made from real, nutrient-dense ingredients."
So, even though the Realgood brand may not be on everyone's shopping list, it's nice to know there are options for members with dietary restrictions.