The Reason You Don't Need To Tip At McAlister's Deli
By Christine Barba
The question of how much to tip your server can get complicated, with opinions varying depending on the quality of service or how expensive the bill is. However, McAlister's Deli encourages its customers to ditch the tip, and both employees and customers of the chain have reportedly welcomed the policy.
There are even signs at each location asking customers not to tip, and former president and CEO of McAlister's Corp. Philip Friedman said, "It's a small difference for us, but a big difference for customers." Although Friedman claims they're not hurting in terms of attracting employees, in March 2010, three McAlister's employees filed a suit because their tips went to "unspecified charitable donations" without their permission.
At the time, the chain chose not to comment, but it is a company policy that any tips customers leave behind are given to charities like the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Moreover, McAlister's employees make a little more than $14 per hour on average, so what they lose in tips may be made up for by their salary, which is more than the minimum wage in most states.