Buffalo chicken wings appetizer plate over white background
The Reason We Always Pair Celery And Blue Cheese With Wings
By Linda Larsen
The deliciously crisp chicken wings we know today were historically first created in 1964, when an owner of a Buffalo bar threw what she had together to make a snack for her son’s friends. The combo of tangy chicken wings, celery, and blue cheese sauce
were all included that night due to the
inventory of her leftovers, but why do we
still keep this combo intact today?
The best food combinations always have variations in taste, aroma, texture, and temperature, and hot sauce coated chicken wings served with creamy blue cheese dressing and crunchy, cool celery sticks checks off all these boxes. The sensations of hot, cold, cool, chewy, creamy, crisp, tangy, mild, and crunchy hit all the feels.
While having that crunch from a cool celery is ideal, the blue cheese dressing is essential to the dish. One of the best ways to mute the spiciness of a chili pepper is with dairy, which coats the tongue and interrupts the connection of the spice and the taste buds, and the ingredients in a blue cheese sauce include blue cheese, sour cream, and milk.