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The Reason Trader Joe's Doesn't Deliver
By Jennifer Amos
While more retailers are beginning to offer online shopping, Trader Joe's is sticking to in-store shopping only. While Trader Joe's used to offer delivery in the New York area for nearly 10 years, they ended the service in 2019 due to costs, right when other retailers such as Walmart had a massive increase in online delivery sales.
As most Trader Joe's stores are small, adding third-party shoppers would make the store more crowded and could also take away from their already limited product selection, causing an inventory issue. Having seasonal, unique, and private-label products adds to the charm of its grocery experience which could be difficult to replicate for online shoppers.
Many Trader Joe’s locations are in urban or suburban areas with limited parking, making it nearly impossible to carry out a successful curbside pickup service. While they could have a warehouse solely for online grocery orders, this process is very time consuming and expensive, so you'll just have to make the drive to keep enjoying Trader Joe's products.