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The Reason Oreos May Actually Not Be Vegan
By Aimee Lamoureux
As a vegan, not only are you cutting out meat, eggs, cheese, and milk from your diet, but also ingredients that have animal products hidden inside them, like gelatin. Oreos have become a favorite snack among vegans for the complete lack of dairy utilized, but there might be other factors lurking that prevent them from holding up to vegan standards.
Although Oreos are made with a cream filling, the cream inside is actually made up of enriched flour, sugar, cocoa, plant-based oils, and the artificial flavor vanillin. However, the official Oreo UK website claims that Oreos are "not suitable for vegans" because the snack might still have come into contact with dairy at some point during the manufacturing process.
The official website also states that Oreos are not safe for people who are dairy-free or have an allergy to lactose, and while vegans are not necessarily allergic to milk, many prefer to avoid all contact with dairy products, no matter how small the amounts may be. For those strictly adhering to the vegan diet, it might be safer to bake your own vegan cookies at home.