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The Reason Nestle Is Recalling Toll House Cookie Dough Packs
By Elaina Friedman
Unfortunately, you can’t avoid food recalls, as they come up every now and again. The latest recall involves Nestlé Toll House, who reported the potential presence of a non-edible ingredient in its Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with Fudge Filling.
On October 19, 2022, Nestlé Toll House Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with Fudge Filling was recalled due to the "potential presence of white plastic pieces," CNN reports. The ready-to-bake dough was produced between June and September of 2022, with potential customers and retailers affected spanning the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico.
Nobody fell ill due to this recall, but it’s always best to err on the side of caution in these situations. The FDA advises affected customers to keep the product unopened in its package and return it to the retailer where it was purchased for a replacement or a refund.