The interior of a Five Guys restaurant
The Reason Five Guys Burgers Always Come Well Done
By Chase Shustack
Since 1986, Five Guys has graced its patrons with an excellent burger experience that includes complimentary boxes of peanuts and an extensive secret menu consisting of options from patty melts to grilled cheese. Another unique characteristic of the Five Guys brand is that they only serve well-done burgers, which is a nod to the chain’s commitment to food safety.
Five Guys proudly advertises the fact that they only have walk-in refrigerators, so the meat is never frozen. Because of this, the employees at Five Guys cook the meat at as high a temperature as possible to kill any bacteria that is potentially present in the raw, unfrozen meat, guaranteeing their customers a burger that’s safe to consume.
If Five Guys had freezers in its store, it would stand to reason that the workers could cook your burger any way you like. However, their decision to cook their raw meat well done is not only a nod to their commitment to fresher meat, but is also a more sanitary approach to serving food that carries no risk of getting you sick.