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The Reason Figgy Pudding Has Such A Misleading Name
By Ashley Reut
Christmas time brings a wave of holiday-inspired treats to get us into the spirit, and these desserts also spark a sense of nostalgia for Christmases past. Figgy pudding is a holiday tradition for our friends and neighbors in Great Britain, but if you’re from the United States, you may be wondering what it is.
Figgy pudding — or as it's sometimes called, plum pudding — isn't actually pudding at all, at least not by American standards. In the United States, pudding is a creamy, jello-like dessert, but in Britain, pudding just means something that is steamed or boiled and it can be savory or sweet.
The dessert originated back in pre-Victorian times when plum was the term for any dried fruit, but the recipe actually does not use plums or figs at all. Today, figgy pudding is a steamed, sweet, and savory cake that is usually made up of breadcrumbs, suet (animal fat), lemon zest, plenty of dried fruits, and a healthy soaking of brandy.