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The Quickest Tell That Deli Meat Has Gone Bad
By Julia Mullaney
There’s no denying how convenient deli meats are for a quick meal that takes little effort, but purchasing them at a deli counter can often lead buyers to take an excessive amount home. You might find the meat left in your refrigerator for longer than expected, but thankfully, there are several ways to tell if deli meat has gone bad.
Although you might not see any mold growth, if the meats appear to have a slimy coat or film, they should be discarded, as it has become too old and the bacteria on the food have multiplied. The surface of the slimy meat will feel sticky if touched, further indicating that too much bacteria is present for the food to be safely eaten.
Other methods to check the product’s freshness include reading the package’s expiration date and inspecting the meats for mold or rancid smells. While unopened deli meat can last up to two weeks refrigerated, it should be eaten three to five days after opening, and you can use resealable packages to help the food stay fresh.