Green beans cut with knife on rustic wood table background on cutting board
The Pungent Spice That Pairs Beautifully With Green Beans
By Angel Albring
Whether you boil, grill, fry, bake or sauté green beans, how you season them is just as important as how you cook them. Several seasonings — including garlic, parsley, rosemary and thyme, basil, onion, and lemon — go great with the vegetable, but there is one pungent spice that can elevate your green bean game if used the right way.
Summer Savory, or Bohnenkraut, is a perennial plant with a strong flavor similar to oregano that can be dried to sprinkle on dishes or cooked fresh. According to The Spice Shack, this spice is also known as "the bean plant," as it pairs extremely well with beans, complimenting the earthy flavor of lentils.
Summer savory is a member of the mint family and has a peppery flavor with hints of mint, thyme, and marjoram, and it's also used as a salt substitute. However, this plant can have an overpowering taste and odor, so you must remove it from dishes before serving them — which will be easier to do if you use fresh summer savory instead of the dried versions.