Assorted pie slices over Blue Background
The 'Pumpple Cake' Fits Four Desserts Into One
By Stacie Adams
Not all bakers are satisfied by sticking to tried-and-true recipes. Some trailblazers may even combine different desserts to make something truly unforgettable, and Flying Monkey, a bakery located in Philadelphia, definitely falls into the trailblazer category.
The bakery's pumpple cake offers an impressive construction, with chocolate batter-coated pumpkin pie and vanilla batter-coated apple pie combined into one enormous cake. Each component is individually prepped before the whole thing comes together for a final bake, and then the finished product is slathered with in-house buttercream icing.
As for the nutritional content, each slice of pumpple cake is a whopping 1,800 calories, and according to the Flying Monkey website, individual slices are available at the bakery from October 1 through much of January. However, you can order a whole pumpple cake at any time of the year, provided you give a 72-hour notice.