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The Psychological Reason Starbucks Tables Are
All Round
By Camryn Teder
With its unique coffee combinations — somewhere in the realm of 87,000 possible options — and availability all around the world, it makes sense why customers love Starbucks. Many factors make customers choose Starbucks over other coffee shops, but one that may be working subconsciously is the tables.
The environment of Starbucks interiors is usually built to feel safe and relaxed, and the warm atmosphere extends through Starbucks' people with its often-renowned customer service. Psychologically, a round shape gives off a more comfortable vibe than a square one, so Starbucks’ table shape helps create its relaxed interior.
The round tables both help a single person look less alone, since the circle is a more informal shape, and they encourage groups to interact since there is no head at the table. However, the tables are also purposefully squat and unstable to encourage customers to leave quickly and not crowd the store.