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The Professional Solution For Wrestling With Sticky Plastic Wrap
By Chase Shustack
Plastic wrap has become as ubiquitous as the fork and spoon for helping to keep precious leftovers preserved, but sometimes, wrestling with its sticky properties or uneven tears is not worth the headache. However, following the lead of certain food professionals on how you cut your wrap may save you from this struggle.
According to Chef Chaz Eicke of New Jersey's "The Salad House," storing plastic wrap in the refrigerator helps to prevent the wrap from getting "static" or sticking together when you try to cut it. When you remove the cooled plastic, you can easily pull out a sheet without crinkling as the polyethylene "stiffens" in the cold air and loses some of its flexible or elastic properties.
Hotel restaurants have a trick to wrapping food that uses a piece of plastic wrap twice the size of your dish, wraps your food like a present, and cuts it off to achieve a tight enclosure. This thick layer of plastic wrap will need to be removed with a knife, so only use this trick when transporting or freezing large dishes.