LANHAM, MD OCTOBER 20: The new Wegmans  supermarket opening at the new Woodmore Towne Center on October 20, 2010 in Lanham, Md. (Photo by Mark Gail/The Washington Post via Getty Images)
The Prepared Foods You Should Definitely Avoid At Wegmans
By Chase Shustack
Wegmans is not your average regional grocery store chain, as the store's atmosphere is influenced by friendly, supportive workers and an eye-catching and wide selection of unique, cheap products. While Wegmans excels in many things, some of their "prepared foods" might be worth skipping.
In 2017, David Landsel of Food & Wine decided to spend nearly an entire day scouting out his local Wegmans to try and see what makes the "Wegmaniacs" keep coming back over and over again. While most of his reviews were positive, Landsel mentioned the mini-layer cakes and in-house prepared burgers were worth skipping.
Landsel said the mini-layer cakes, priced at the time at around $8, tasted like "box mix," while the burgers were "lousy" at a price above $10 or more, and Facebook readers agreed, saying that they were "bloody," the buns were too small, and they simply lacked care. Instead, opt for some of Wegmans' "terribly good" mini-pies for only $6, famed sub sandwiches, or rotisserie chicken.