Chicken grilling on a charcoal grill
The Potato Hack That Keeps Lean Meats From Sticking To The Grill
By Brandon Bombay
Grill enthusiasts have all experienced the frustration of lifting meat off the grill only to have it stick and tear. Fortunately, there are fixes to prevent meat from sticking.
YouTuber @JohnsonInc999 advises grill users to halve a potato, stick it on a fork, and rub it on the grates before grilling. He explains that starch prevents food from adhering.
This technique of coating the grids is also backed by professional chef Tony Matassa, who advises users to heat the grill before applying the cut potato.
Matassa suggests rubbing the freshly cut side "directly on the cooking grids; using a new slice as needed," to coat the grids "with a microscopic layer of starch."
Rubbing a potato on the grill grates will not only add starch, but it will also help in dislodging loose debris to ensure the grill is extra-clean.