traditional portuguese dish bacalhau a bras
The Portuguese Comfort Dish That Unites Salty Cod And Scrambled Eggs
By Heidi Chaya
Many countries hold true to their national dishes, which often celebrate local ingredients while inspiring the cuisine of other cultures. One such national dish is Portugal's salted cod and scrambled eggs, or bacalhau à brás, which acts as an ultimate comfort food and a delicious symbol of the country's connection to land and sea.
Bacalhau à brás is made with flakes of salted cod, fluffy eggs, and shoestring potatoes and mainly revolves around one specialty ingredient. Salted cod refers to dried, heavily salted slabs of Atlantic cod flesh whose leanness and abundance made it ideal for preservation by many nations along the Atlantic Ocean, and over time, the salt cures the fish, developing deep umami flavors.
Fish and eggs are actually a very old combination, and to make this comfort dish for yourself, look for salted cod filets at least two inches thick at your supermarket's seafood counter or order it online. Before using the fish, soak it in cold water for at least two days, always under refrigeration, and swap out the salt-infused water for fresh water two to three times daily.