Baked Yorkshire Puddings cut out against a white background
The Piping Hot Secret To Crispier Yorkshire Pudding
By Grace Allison
Yorkshire puddings are infamous for refusing to rise or lacking crunch, so use preheated oil or animal fat for the crispiest bake.
You can use bacon fat or the drippings collected from the pan of whatever meat you roast, like pork, beef, or duck. This will give your puddings more flavor.
After preparing the batter, pour a small amount of fat or oil into each mold of your cupcake tray. If using oil, use vegetable oil over olive oil, as it has a higher smoking point.
Preheat the oil for about 15 minutes in the oven before carefully taking out the tray. With the hot oil or fat inside the tray, quickly pour your batter from a jug into each mold.
Don't let the batter trickle from one mold into another, as this can affect the puddings' rise. The sizzling oil will start to cook the batter before the tray is back in the oven.
Not only will this give your Yorkshire pudding a wonderfully crispy exterior, but it'll make it easier to remove them from the tray once they've finished baking.
For this hack to work, ensure that your batter has no lumps by whisking until it has a smooth consistency and let your batter rest anywhere from an hour to overnight.
Lastly, to ensure the batter has the biggest opportunity to rise, wait to open the oven door until the cooking time has ended.