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The Pennsylvania Gas Station Chain With Some Pretty Unique Snack Innovations
By Angel Albring
A quiet convenience store chain battle is being waged in Central Pennsylvania between Sheetz, Wawa, Turkey Hill, Royal Farms, and Rutter's all vying to be the best of the best. But one is emerging as the victor, if for no other reason than the unique and innovative snacks.
Some of Sheetz's more innovative and popular food items include pickle fries — fried pickle spears the size of regular fries — and deep-fried Wisconsin Cheese Bites. They also offer seasonal beer flavors, once partnering with a beer company to create a beer milkshake.
If you don't live near PA, don't worry because Sheetz has over 600 locations across the commonwealth, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina. You might also consider joining the Sheetz Freakz loyalty program which offers members a chance to try their newest innovations members a crack at new products before other customers.