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The Parchment Paper Tip That'll Give You Eggs Without A Mess
By Chase Shustack
Avoid scraping off egg residue from burnt fried eggs or cleaning up a messy kitchen by using parchment paper while cooking.
Take a sheet of baking or parchment paper and lay it on your pan while it warms up. Add butter or oil, whichever you fry your egg in, and allow it to spread across the paper.
As soon as the butter or oil is sufficiently heated, crack the egg into the pan and cook to your liking, whether you want to flip it or cover it with a lid.
Once the yolk is set and the whites are cooked, lift the parchment paper and slide the egg onto your plate. As parchment paper is non-stick, your egg should come off cleanly.
This process keeps your pan clean, even if the egg were to burn or the yolk burst. However, as it isn’t exposed to the hot surface, your fried egg may not have crispy edges.