The Parchment Paper Hack For Storing Bacon Is Beautifully Tidy
By Betsy Parks
Most bacon packaging isn’t resealable, but thankfully, an inventive TikToker found a way to store bacon so that you can use only what you need while keeping the rest fresh.
TikToker Ceddie's Kitchen's technique involves laying sheets of parchment paper out before opening the package of bacon and placing slices on the paper side by side an inch apart.
Then, roll the sheet of parchment perpendicular to the bacon slices, being sure to keep it tight so that you keep as much air away from the bacon as you can.
Once it’s rolled, use scissors to cut between each slice. That way, you can store individual slices in a freezer bag and take one or more of them out at a time when you're ready.
Get as much air out of the bag as possible each time you open it and wrap the slices tightly to keep crystals from forming on the food's surface to prevent freezer burn.
The best part of this trick is that you don’t need to defrost it before using the individual slices in the same way you’d cook raw bacon — it’ll just need another minute or two.