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The Paper Towel Hack That Keeps Refrigerated Vegetables Fresher For Longer
By Betsy Parks
There are lots of ways to cut down on grocery bills, and one of the most important is to prevent food waste. A report from Fortune revealed that almost a third of what we buy is thrown away, so to get yourself a little more time before your fresh produce goes bad, try using this paper towel trick to keep your veggies fresh.
Putting paper towels in your fridge’s crisper drawers gives the excess moisture in your produce somewhere to go, which in turn helps keep it from wilting. You can also pop a paper towel in with a bag of leafy greens for the same effect, or wrap a bunch of fresh herbs in a paper towel and put it in a plastic bag or container in the crisper.
If you tend to buy enough produce to fully fill your crisper drawer, simply lining the drawer with paper towels will help your whole haul. Each time you buy a new batch of fresh produce, simply swap out the towels for a fresh lining that will absorb the new moisture for longer-lasting produce, and a crisper drawer that stays clean!