GEORGE TOWN, PENANG, MALAYSIA - 2019/12/29: Roasting a pig on the backstreets of George Town, Penang.  Despite the fact that Malaysia is a predominantly Islamic country, a sizeable Chinese population insures a steady supply of pork to local diners.  Roast pig is a favorite with Chinese and others who eat pork - this particular variety is useful in ramen soup, as a main course, and when served as an entire roasted pig is suitable for celebrations thanks to its dramatic presentation. (Photo by John S Lander/LightRocket via Getty Images)
The Overlooked Part Of The Pig That Fries Up Nicely
By Heidi Chaya
Bacon, pork bones, and pork fat are all commonly used portions of the pig when it comes to cooking. But there's one overlooked part of the pig that you simply must try next time you reach for that skillet.
The next time you have an urge for something fried you might want to consider feasting on fried pig ears. Fried pig ears have been popping up as appetizers at bars and nosheries as thinly-sliced, salty snacks holding their own alongside traditional favorites like nachos and hot wings.
LA Weekly explains that prep and presentation can vary — they can be puffed like pork rinds, cooked to extreme crunchiness, or boiled and strewn atop salad like Thai nam sod or French frisée aux lardons. Pig ears are unabashedly porky and juxtapose soft and snappy, crispy and gummy textures that pair well with a few cold beers.