Orange peel on wooden chopping board
The Orange Peeling Trick
That Perfectly Preserves The Peel
By Crystal Antonace
If you're someone who enjoys eating raw orange segments, then you know how frustrating peeling an orange can sometimes be. However, they have many culinary uses of their own, so if you want to give your orange peel a second life, you should consider using this effective method for peeling that won’t leave you with a mess of rinds.
If you have the desire to save your orange peels in one long strand, score the rind at the top of the fruit gently to avoid piercing any flesh, and then make your way to the other end, hand peeling in a circular motion until you've reached the bottom. To make this method easier, try soaking whole oranges in boiling water before scoring to loosen the rind and pith.
Another method involves cutting off both ends first, scoring a line down the middle of the peel, and then removing the entire exterior in one fell swoop. If you want to keep the peel mostly intact, slice around the center 1/8 of an inch first, then wedge the handle of a spoon between the peel and flesh, working along the inner exterior until you've made a complete circle.