Close-up of rice koji and wooden spoon. Koji. Koji is fermented rice. A view from directly above.
The Only Ingredient You Need To Prevent Rice From Sticking
By John Segura
Rice often sticks to the bottom of the pan after cooking on the stovetop, but you can avoid soaking and scraping the bottom of your pots by adding a little oil.
Oil is a natural lubricant, so the most straightforward method to avoid sticking is to include a bit of it when cooking rice, especially in conjunction with a non-stick pot.
Coat the bottom of the pot with oil before adding the rice, or mix it into the rice itself. Stir well to provide an even coat on all the grains, preventing random sticky spots.
Peanut oil can be a great addition to rice if Thai cuisine is on the menu. Grapeseed or olive work for Mediterranean dishes, offering a touch of fruitiness and herbiness.