A bowl of tomato sauce with whole tomatoes in it
The Only 2 Ingredients You Need For Creamy Tomato Sauce
In A Pinch
By Crystal Antonace
Tomato sauce is a staple that home chefs use to create a unique savoriness in many favorite recipes. Making tomato sauce right at home isn’t difficult, and surprisingly, you only need two ingredients to make a deliciously creamy tomato sauce that is on a whole other level.
All you need for homemade creamy tomato sauce is cream cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, which pack a powerful punch of flavor. Mix finely diced jarred sun-dried tomatoes with four ounces of cream cheese, then simply add it to your pasta noodles once they’ve finished cooking, and mix it all together.
Homemade tomato sauce uses ingredients like tomatoes (canned, crushed, or whole), garlic, onions, and a few spices. Unfortunately, even the simplest marinara can take a lot of time to prepare and cook, making this two-ingredient sauce the perfect quick and easy alternative.