Stock photo showing close-up view of a glass screw cap bottle of green fruit and vegetable juice smoothie with stripped drinking straw besides whole and halved pieces of kiwi fruit.
The One Type Of Juice You Should Never Drink After The Expiration Date Has Passed
By Lauren Farkas
Store-bought juices usually come with expiration dates, though these labels don’t typically indicate its lifespan. While it’s generally okay to keep most juices a few days after the printed date, the safety concerns have more to do with the process by which the juice is produced instead of the ingredients used, and there’s one type of juice that doesn’t last as long as others.
Cold-pressed juices should not be consumed after they pass their expiration dates. As cold-pressed juicing uses hydraulic presses to help preserve the natural nutrients found in the ingredients, the problem comes from this method’s lack of pasteurization, which increases the likelihood of contamination by disease-causing bacteria.
Although there are risks, freshly cold-pressed juices have many benefits that are rare in industrially-made juices, as they retain all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from fruits and vegetables. If you opt for cold-pressed juice, you should drink it within two to three days of buying and keep it refrigerated during that time.