Chef with a missing face
The One Thing TV Chefs Don't Want You To Know About Their Recipes
By Lauren Farkas
From the down-to-earth, warm Rachael Ray to the outspoken, undeniably entertaining Gordon Ramsay, TV chefs bring their own unique styles and charisma to the table and have cooked their way into the hearts of viewers all over the world. However, within the popular world of television cooking shows, there's a behind-the-scenes secret that viewers may be surprised to learn.
The recipes the chefs prepare on TV are often not their own recipes, as many chefs often juggle multiple programs and projects at once and simply don't have the time to develop new recipes for each episode. Instead, they delegate that responsibility to their writers or recycle recipes from other sources, as some chefs care more about being on television than cooking. 
This industry secret does not apply to every celebrity chef and is not meant to shame anyone on television, as ghostwritten recipes are also used in the cookbooks. Even if they are not always the brains behind the recipes, there is no doubt TV chefs know how to bring these recipes to life, and enthusiastically cooking delicious meals in front of a camera is extremely impressive.