NEW YORK CITY, NY - APRIL 17: Ina Garten attends GOD'S LOVE WE DELIVER Hosts "Authors in Kind Literary Luncheon'' at Rainbow Room on April 17, 2007 in New York City. (Photo by MATT CARASELLA/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)
The One Simple Flavor Ina Garten Calls Her Favorite Of All Time
By Crystal Antonace
Out of all the chefs featured on the Food Network over the years, Ina Garten is one that has a veritable fan base due to her simplistic creativity when working with basic flavors. However, there is one flavor the famous chef loves more than any other, and that is the sweet, creamy, and floral flavor of vanilla.
Garten dedicated Season 14, Episode 5 of “The Barefoot Contessa” to vanilla and revealed that she doesn't use any run-of-the-mill variety: her loyalties lie with “good vanilla.” On the episode, Garten featured signature recipes like vanilla rum panna cotta and white hot chocolate, and she also shared the homemade vanilla recipe that she’s been relying on for 30 years.
In Garten's vanilla extract recipe, there are only two ingredients — vanilla bean pods and vodka. While she loves vanilla enough to make her own, the popular chef isn't shy about using whole beans when available and a quality bottled extract on occasion.
In the “Ask Ina” section of her website, Garten has admitted to using commercial extracts on her popular show to remain accessible to her fans. However, whether it's vanilla pods steeped in vodka or a $30 bottle of pure vanilla extract, the fact remains that Ina Garten doesn't skimp on quality.