Assorted Girl Scout cookies on a pink background.
The One Savory, Non-Cookie Snack The Girl
Scouts Sold
By Chase Shustack
The Girl Scouts’ most famous product is certainly their Girl Scout Cookies, which were first sold in 1917 and have become synonymous with the organization. However, once upon a time, cookies weren't the only thing Girl Scouts sold, with one snack — Golden Yangles — not being a dessert at all.
Girl Scouts sold Golden Yangles — fan-shaped cheese-flavored crackers similar to Cheez-Its — starting in the 1980s and ending in 1992, when they were discontinued. Some look back on the unorthodox Girl Scout cracker with fond memories, perhaps showing that, even if they weren't cookies, the Golden Yangles made quite the impression.
While it is admittedly strange to get cheese crackers from the Girl Scouts, they aren't unfamiliar with selling crackers and other non-cookie snacks throughout their history. For example, the Northwest Georgia Girl Scout Council sold "Sesame Wheat Crackers" between the 1979 and 1980 cookie seasons and then never again.