A cold Coca Cola glass bottle
The One-Of-A-Kind Burger That Includes Cola And French Salad Dressing
By Jessica Fleming-Montoya
Quite a few unique patty recipes pack burgers with zest and flavor, and one such recipe that makes for a unique-tasting dinner is Coca-Cola burgers.
Coca-Cola burgers are extra moist and juicy, adding a hint of sweetness to the final meal that complements the rich, salty flavors of the patty.
Most recipes suggest using Classic Coca-Cola, but you can experiment with flavored varieties or other similar-tasting soda brands, like Pepsi or Great Value cola.
In addition to the soda, you'll also include French dressing, which is made of ingredients such as vinegar, oil, and mustard that will add flavor to your burger meat.
These patties also include saltines to help retain moisture and fat in the burger. They should be finely crushed before you add them to the ground beef mix.
While your meat is grilling and sizzling away, you can also brush it with a glaze of French dressing and cola for an additional layer of flavor.
Once the patties are done, you can pair your burgers with classic fixings such as lettuce, tomato, mustard, cheese, and more to make the perfect dinner.