P.F. Chang's, creative Chinese Restaurant, Seattle, Washington
The One Item To Avoid Ordering At P.F. Chang's
By Julia Mullaney
There are plenty of dishes on P.F. Chang's menu, and while some people can't get enough of them, chain restaurants are not always known for being healthy. P.F. Chang's is no exception, as the level of sodium (more commonly known as salt) in one dish, in particular, might be enough to send you running.
At P.F. Chang's, the Peking duck might be the one menu item to avoid, as it's loaded with sodium. This dish boasts a whopping 5,210 milligrams of sodium, which is more than double the daily recommendation and is the saltiest menu item by a long shot, with no others even getting into the 4,000-milligram range.
In addition to the salt content, the Peking duck is high in just about every other content, containing 202 grams of fat, 151 grams of carbohydrates, and 71 grams of sugar. The dish has just under 3,000 calories, but one potential positive could be the 99 grams of protein — even though that number is higher than the recommended daily value.