Ina Garten smiling at the "Barefoot Under the Stars" event
The One Herb Ina Garten Just Can't Deal With
By Haldan Kirsch
Most people know Ina Garten for her many bestselling cookbooks like her latest, "Modern Comfort Food." Garten knows a lot about foods in terms of what pairs together and what doesn’t, but there is one herb she hates the most and it’s a divisive topic among diners.
During an interview on Vice's "Munchies: The Podcast," Garten revealed that cilantro is actually one of her most hated foods. "I know people love it and you can add it to the recipe. I just hate it. To me it's so strong — and it actually tastes like soap to me — but it's so strong it overpowers every other flavor," said Garten.
Garten is not alone in her dislike of this simple green herb because lots of folks think that cilantro is overwhelmingly soapy, and there's a good reason for this. Some people are more prone to detect the smell of a compound called aldehydes in cilantro, which can cause
it to taste like a bite of toothpaste.