Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter prepares to be filmed for a political ad on the North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts, 1976. (photo by Mikki Ansin/Getty Images)
The One Food President Jimmy Carter Was Always Craving
By Crystal Antonace
American history has proved that the country’s leaders have always taken their food seriously, including Jimmy Carter, who served as President of the United States from 1977-1981. Carter had his own particular food preferences, and you may be curious to know what food he craved the most while serving as our country's leader.
Cheese, milk, and all things dairy ranked high on Jimmy Carter’s list of the foods he liked best in the 1970s. He was an avid connoisseur of cheese, enjoying everything from hard cheddar to the iconic cheese ball, and loved it so much that in 1977 he helped American farmers by buying a ton of dairy products to raise the cost of milk, which led to an oversupply of cheddar cheese.
Beyond dairy, Carter had a hankering for the foods he grew up with in the South, in addition to well-rounded meat and vegetable-based dishes. During their time in the White House, he and his wife would make their own Sunday dinners and preferred meat and vegetables more than anything else, staying away from rich sauces and condiments.