FRANKFURT, GERMANY - OCTOBER 27:  In this photo-illustration a fried egg is seen on October 27, 2005 in Ruesselsheim near Frankfurt, Germany. After several cases of H5N1 infected birds in Europe the German health authorities recommend  the consumption of only cooked chicken and eggs.   (Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images)
The Olive Oil Technique For Perfectly Crispy Fried Eggs
By Carly Weaver
Whether you sop it up with a piece of toast, eat it with crispy bacon, or throw it on top of a healthy bowl full of grains and veggies, few foods are more comforting and delicious than fried eggs. If you love your egg laced with a golden brown layer of crispiness on the bottom and a gooey, runny yolk on top, try this technique for perfectly crispy fried eggs.
Start by covering your pan with a shallow layer of about two tablespoons of olive oil, and heat the oil over medium-high heat for about two minutes until it reaches a shiny, shimmery, ripple-like state. Then, crack the eggs into the pan and season them, tilting and rotating the pan to let the oil pool around the eggs.
It should take about two minutes for the egg to crisp up, becoming bubbly golden brown around the edges with a still-soft and runny yolk on top to create the perfect crispy fried egg. According to, Extra Virgin Olive Oil can reach up to 410 degrees and adds flavor that other vegetable oils do not, making it the best choice to use when frying.