Col. Harland Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
The Odd, Lesser-Known Colonel Sanders Restaurant You Can Still Eat At
By Elias Nash
Colonel Sanders has achieved near-immortal status as his instantly-recognizable visage still graces every one of KFC's iconic buckets.
However, he was at odds with his business partners. Their relationship deteriorated, and the Colonel opened another restaurant, competing with the chain that bears his image.
By 1968, Sanders decided to open another restaurant called The Colonel's Lady, later rechristened Claudia Sanders Dinner House.
The new eatery, named after his former mistress-turned-wife, stood adjacent to Blackwood Hall, the Sanders' 5,000 square-foot home built in the 1860s.
KFC sued Sanders for $120 million, settling out of court for the much-reduced price of one million dollars.
Claudia Sanders Dinner House still stands in Shelbyville, Kentucky, inviting diners to experience KFC as the Colonel would have wished.