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The NYC Shop Where You Can Trade Books For Fresh Pickles
By Elaina Friedman
In certain parts of the world, pickles are more than just a quirky and delicious snack — they can represent culture, tradition, and livelihood. For example, on Orchard Street in Lower Manhattan, New York City, you'll find Sweet Pickle Books, a shop owned by Leigh Altshuler, where you can trade gently used books for fresh, house-made pickles.
Keenly aware of the historical significance of pickles among Jewish American communities in New York, Altshuler's store offers the briny treat in flavors like bread & butter, kosher dill, and spicy dill for sale or trade. It's recommended to bring four or five used books to trade, or you can simply buy a jar of your favorite kind.
An FAQ post on the shop's Instagram warns that they reserve the right to refuse any donation, reading: "Do not bring us your garbage!" The post also notes that books for kids, young adults, and middle-grade students are not currently being accepted.