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The Nutritional Reason You Should Start Drinking Sparkling Coffee
By Andra Picincu
Coffee has its share of health benefits, but the extras that go into it can make these effects null — for example, milk can reduce its antioxidant levels and decrease the absorption of chlorogenic acids. For a healthier morning brew, a good choice would be Dan McLaughlin’s sparkling coffee recipe.
Sparkling coffee has been around for years in one form or another, but McLaughlin added his own twist to it by using mineral water, espresso, fresh basil, and oranges. Simply put an orange slice, basil, and ice cubes into a glass, then add mineral water and pour in the espresso (or other coffee.)
This citrusy beverage may be a little bit healthier than regular coffee, since some mineral waters are rich in nutrients like calcium, chlorine, potassium, and iron. Mineral water may also contain sulfate, a natural compound with mild laxative effects, and bicarbonate, a natural compound that supports digestive health.