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Texas Roadhouse, According To TikTok
By Arianna Endicott
Texas Roadhouse, an Indiana-based chain founded in 1993, specializes in serving up affordably priced steaks, ribs, and their famous rolls, which have a cult-like following. If you want to save some extra money and get a little more from your meal, this TikTok hack will help you do just that.
In a TikTok video, user @aever17, also known as Ash, shares that she used to work at Texas Roadhouse and encourages viewers to order the filet medallions, especially with the mushroom sauce. Ash says the filet medallions entrée includes nine ounces of steak, whereas the regular menu only offers six or eight-ounce filet options.
She also notes that the filet medallions are cheaper than ordering a filet, and that they come served over rice or mashed potatoes. Ash concludes the video by saying "it's the best steak, you can't beat that."

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