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The Nautical Fantasy-Themed Las Vegas Restaurant That Serves 16 Courses Of Rum
By Nico Danilovich
Area 15 in Las Vegas is an homage to Nevada's Area 51, and while there are no aliens or UFOs, the venue features souvenir shops, musical performances, art shows, and more. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars to visit there, including one fantastically nautical Vegas restaurant serving multiple courses of rum.
Most of Lost Spirits is a labyrinthian circus, where acrobatic performers put on shows for wandering guests, but it's also a distillery that produces 19th-century-style English rum. Within this distillery is the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea dining room, a fancy restaurant where dinner reservations cost nearly $300 per person.
Based on the popular science-fantasy novel from 19th-century France, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea features a 16-course tasting menu with different parts being inspired by different chapters of its namesake book. Many courses have rum cocktails paired with them, and those that don't instead have rum gelled into the food itself.
The specific dishes and beverages served may vary, but Part One, "An Underwater Forest," features courses like a macaroon cocktail, gold caviar with quail eggs, a tuna tart, and a liver dish. The three remaining parts, "The Devilfish," "Some Days Ashore," and "The Coral Realm,” feature equally decadent and boozy items.