The Mouthwatering Way To Take Your Fried Chicken Schnitzel Up
A Notch
By Carly Weaver
A traditional fried chicken schnitzel recipe involves pounding boneless, skinless chicken breasts, dredging and breading them, and then carefully deep-frying the cutlets. That said, marinating the meat as an extra step after the pounding and before the dredging can kick your chicken's flavor into high gear.
Adding a marinade to your chicken will take some extra time, but it'll be worthwhile when you cut into that aromatic meat spiced to perfection. However, the chicken doesn't necessarily need to sit overnight to benefit from the flavor boost — marinating the meat for 15 minutes to two hours is enough.
Per The Washington Post, a marinade does its job quickly because it’s “essentially a surface treatment." Marinades work well on lean proteins like chicken, because you taste the meat's surface before anything else, and a smaller, thinner chicken cutlet ensures a higher ratio of the flavored surface.